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EANM Newsletters

We offer various newsletters, each focusing on different aspects of our work and published at different frequencies (see descriptions below).

All our newsletters are disseminated by e-mail. To ensure you receive all the updates you need, we highly recommend subscribing to all our newsletters!


EANM Bulletin
  • Frequency: The EANM Bulletin is disseminated monthly on the first Wednesday of each month (unless it is a public holiday). This year, there will be only 10 editions, including 2 special joint winter and summer editions in January/February and July/August.
  • Content: It is targeted at the entire EANM community and provides information about open calls, past and upcoming events, recent publications, and editors’ picks selected by the EJNMMI editing team.
EANM Congress Newsletter
  • Frequency: This newsletter becomes active in February each year and continues until the EANM Annual Congress. It is published regularly, depending on deadlines.
  • Content: This newsletter provides all important information about the Congress, such as registration details, abstract submission deadlines, the scientific programme, and initiatives dedicated to young professionals. You will also receive regular deadline reminders – so make sure to sign up!
EANM Focus Meeting Newsletter
  • Frequency: This newsletter is released regularly as we get closer to the Focus Meeting.
  • Content: It keeps you informed about the annual Focus Meeting. It provides important updates about the event (e.g., registration and panellists) and publications based on the meeting’s consensus.
EANM Policy Bulletin
  • Frequency: The EANM Policy Bulletin is published six times a year.
  • Content: It summarises our recent achievements in policy-making and EU affairs and provides information about related events. It is essential reading if you are interested in policy-making!

Latest editions

ESMIT Newsletters & Invitations
  • Frequency: The ESMIT Newsletter is released every two months.
  • Content: It provides all the information on our educational activities throughout the year. Do not miss out on details about upcoming advanced courses in Vienna, online courses, live webinars, and other educational resources.
Letter from the President
  • Frequency: The Letter from the President is published quarterly.
  • Content: Written directly by the EANM President, it reflects on the EANM’s recent achievements and outlines the goals for the upcoming months. It is sent to anyone who has signed up for one of the EANM newsletters.

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