About us


The EANM has been working on bringing nuclear medicine to the forefront since 1985.

EANM's mission

The EANM seeks to advance nuclear medicine to improve public health. As the largest non-for-profit organisation dedicated to nuclear medicine in Europe, we prioritise personalised healthcare and aim to:

  • Promote cutting-edge techniques
  • Facilitate open knowledge exchange, including in related fields
  • Drive innovation in diagnosis and treatment
  • Mentor and involve young professionals, and provide them with training and educational opportunities
  • Advocate for strategic planning and education to address workforce shortages in Europe
  • Raise awareness of nuclear medicine among the general public and patient organisations

Additionally, we coordinate international efforts to ensure global access to the latest advancements in nuclear medicine, striving for better diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes. Through ongoing professional development and innovation, we aim to integrate nuclear medicine seamlessly into healthcare services in Europe and worldwide.

Read more in the EANM Statutes