About us


The EANM was established in 1985. Since then, it has continually evolved to keep pace with advancements in the field of nuclear medicine.

Historical timeline

Jan 1976

The European Journal of Nuclear Medicine (EJNM) is created (now known as EJNMMI).

Jan 1984

First of 12 meetings of the Linking Committee of the Society of Nuclear Medicine Europe (SNME) and the European Nuclear Medicine Society (ENMS).

Sep 1985
Creation of the EANM in London, UK

The organisation was founded as a result of the fusion of the Society of Nuclear Medicine Europe and the European Nuclear Medicine Society.

Aug 1988
First EANM Congress

The first congress of the EANM took place in 1988 in Milan, Italy. Since then, the EANM Annual Conference has been taking place in multiples countries across Europe.

Jan 1989

European Commission Directive recognises nuclear medicine as an independent medical speciality.

Jan 1997

Creation of the European School of Nuclear Medicine (ESNM).

Jan 1998

Establishment of the first EANM office in Vienna.

Sep 2005

First Technologists’ Guide (‘Parathyroid Scintigraphy’).

Jan 2006

Creation of the EANM Research GmbH (EARL).

Oct 2007

EANM’07, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, gathers over 4,500 participants, including exhibitors.

Jun 2008

First Young Investigators Meeting (YIM).

Jan 2015
  • EANM 2.0.: change of management and transition to a more professional approach.
  • ESNM changes name and becomes ESMIT (European School of Molecular Imaging & Therapy).
Feb 2018

First Focus Meeting, held in Valencia, Spain (‘Molecular Imaging and Theranostics in Prostate Cancer’).

Oct 2020

Online editions of the EANM Annual Congress (2020, 2021).

Jan 2021

Launch of the EANM Women’s EmpoWErment Initiative (WE).

Dec 2022
  • First post-pandemic onsite Congress in Barcelona, Spain (7,095 participants including exhibitors, 3,978 square meters of net exhibition space).
  • Creation of the Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee (PRAC).
Dec 2023
  • EANM’23 welcomes over 7,000 participants.
  • The EANM brings together over 3,000 individual members.
  • The EANM represents
    40 National Societies and
    20 Affiliated Societies.
  • ESMIT gathers over 1,100 attendees.