EU Institutions

The EANM is engaged in trusted and mutual relationships with EU institutions, sharing our scientific expertise with policymakers.

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EU institutions

European Observatory on the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes

The EANM has long been a member of the European Observatory on the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes and therefore contributes to the monitoring of the overall supply of medical isotopes.

The Observatory is composed of members from the EANM, the Euratom Supply Agency, the European Commission (DG ENER, JRC, RTD, SANTE and GROW), and various industry stakeholders – most of which grouped within the industry association Nuclear Medicine Europe (NMEu).


Eligible organisation to the European Medicines Agency

Since 2022, the EANM has been a proud member of a network of over 30 eligible healthcare organisations that engage with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Together, they make sure that the needs and concerns of a wide range of healthcare professionals across Europe are represented via direct contact with the EMA.

Eligible organisations receive targeted EMA communications and consultations and frequently help with identifying experts for product-specific matters. This network also complements the work of the EMA Healthcare Professionals Working Party, established in 2013. It sets out to ‘provide recommendations to the EMA and its human scientific committees on all matters of interest in relation to medicines’, following a set of clear objectives.

European Radioisotopes Valley Initiative

Since 2022, several experts are representing the EANM with the European Radioisotopes Valley Initiative (ERVI) Stakeholders Group and Steering Group. In these groups, the European Commission engage with stakeholders to discuss feasibility and potential legal framework of ERVI and ways to maintain Europe’s global leadership in the supply of medical radioisotopes.

Critical Medicines Alliance

Since 2024, the EANM is a proud member of the Critical Medicines Alliance, a consultative mechanism established by the European Commission. The Critical Medicines Alliance brings together relevant stakeholders from EU Member States, key industries, the civil society, and the scientific community.

The Alliance aims to identify key areas and priorities for action, proposing solutions to strengthen the supply of critical medicines in the EU, ultimately enhancing efforts to prevent and address shortages effectively.

ACT EU Multistakeholder Platform

Since 2024, the EANM is a member of the ACT EU Multistakeholder Platform, a programme functioning as a vehicle for clinical trials stakeholders and regulators to come together, voice their views and collaborate to improve  the clinical trials environment for European patients and citizens.

As ad-hoc representative within the Multistakeholder Platform Advisory Group, the EANM representative has the opportunity to highlight the need for more clarity and agile practices in clinical trial design given the rapid developments in nuclear medicine, particularly advancements in addressing oncologic diseases.