Women’s EmpoWErment

The EANM stands for inclusivity and empowerment. We are dedicated to fostering an equitable space for all through our EANM Women’s EmpoWErment Initiative.

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The EANM's Women's EmpoWErment Initiative

To enhance female participation in Nuclear Medicine and encourage their active involvement in EANM activities, we established the Women’s Empowerment initiative in 2020.

In a nutshell




  • Volunteers’ Pool meeting | October 15
  • Meet the Mentors | October 17 – October 18
  • Box to collect your ideas for the EANM Women’s EmpoWErment Initiative
  • Pinboard with job ads


  • Nuclear Medicine & Pregnancy | Live Webinar, April 21
  • PET/CT in the Era of Immunotherapy & Therapy Assessment | Advanced Course, April 27-28
  • Gynaecological Malignancies| On Demand Self-Paced Online Course
  • EANM’23 Young Professionals Lounge: Family, Nuclear Medicine Career & Volunteer Job | September 10
  • EANM’23 Radiation Protection in Motherhood and Childhood – What Is so Special? (CME 10) | September 12
  • EANM’23 Special Track – Round Table: Women in Science – Special Focus on Nuclear Medicine | September 13


Acting as a crucial link to the EANM Board, this team is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating all tasks related to EANM Women’s Empowerment activities, as well as overseeing volunteers.

  • Laura Evangelista, Italy (Leader)
  • Agata Pietrzak, Poland (Co-Leader)
  • Marika Kalnina, Latvia (Co-Leader)

Continuing Medical Education Unit

This unit suggests and manages Continuing Medical Education (CME) initiatives within the EANM framework (i.e., ESMIT and the Annual Congress), focusing particularly on women’s health topics and leveraging expert input.

  • Samia Massalha, Israel (Unit Head)

Internal Revision Unit

Tasked with evaluating the structure and activities of the EANM from a Women’s Empowerment perspective, this unit identifies areas for improvement and offers recommendations to enhance gender inclusivity within the association.

  • Elisabeth Eppard, Germany (Unit Head)

Professional Learning & Development Unit

Responsible for organising professional development activities, this unit offers individual coaching sessions with EANM experts for women aspiring to apply for EANM positions or become officers. It also provides guidance and shares leadership experiences to empower the next generation.

  • Desiree Deandreis, France (Unit Head)

Social Media Unit

This unit manages the promotion of EANM Women’s Empowerment activities on social media platforms to raise awareness about the initiative and support other relevant EANM endeavours.

  • Agata Pietrzak, Poland (Unit Head)
Volunteers' Pool


The Volunteers’ Pool is open to all women active in the field of nuclear medicine who are eager to volunteer for various activities proposed by the EANM Women’s Empowerment initiative. There are no restrictions or requirements for joining the pool. However, to maintain transparency and independence, we regret that applications from employees of commercial companies cannot be accepted.


The Volunteers’ Pool consists of experts who collaborate on different activities, provide content, and offer support as needed by the Women’s Empowerment Leadership and/or respective Unit Heads, adhering to given deadlines.

Application process

To express your interest in joining the Volunteers’ Pool, please send an e-mail to the EANM Executive Office via Isabela Estrada-Kopf at, providing the following information:

  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Affiliation:
  • Profession:
  • Field of work:
  • Areas of interest/expertise:
  • How did you learn about the WE initiative?
  • How would you like to contribute?

All applications will be forwarded to and processed by the Women’s Empowerment Leadership, who will respond directly to volunteers and welcome them aboard.


Stay tuned:

Follow the WE on LinkedIN.

Contact Isabela Estrada-Kopf at the EANM Executive Office.