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The EANM offers various grants to support emerging scientific talents and to foster the exchange and expansion of knowledge.

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Congress Awards

To foster the exchange and expansion of knowledge within our community, the EANM is promoting scientific talent using the following grants:

EANM Marie Curie Award

The EANM Marie Curie Award serves as a prestigious platform for European members of the EANM to showcase their research and advancements in nuclear medicine. By actively encouraging submissions for the Annual Congress, the award not only promotes scientific exchange but also fosters collaboration within the European nuclear medicine community.

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EANM Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Award

The EANM Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Award offers young investigators a unique opportunity to further their research and academic pursuits through a visitorship at Stanford University (up to 3 months).

This award not only recognises the potential and promise of young talent in the field of nuclear medicine, but also provides them with invaluable exposure to one of the leading institutions in medical research. By facilitating interaction with experts and access to state-of-the-art resources at Stanford University, the award empowers young investigators to expand their knowledge, skills, and networks.

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EANM Young Authors Award

The EANM Young Authors Award plays a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of researchers in nuclear medicine by encouraging abstract submissions from young investigators participating in the EANM Annual Congress.

By recognising and showcasing the work of young authors, this award not only celebrates their achievements but also inspires others to pursue excellence in nuclear medicine research. Additionally, it fosters a culture of mentorship and collaboration, where experienced researchers support and guide the development of future leaders in the field.

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EANM Technologists’ Award

The EANM Technologists’ Award was established with the aim of promoting and recognising the valuable contributions of technologists in advancing the field of nuclear medicine.

By encouraging technologists to submit their research results to the EANM Annual Congress, this award highlights the crucial role that technologists play in the implementation and optimisation of nuclear medicine techniques and technologies. It provides a platform for technologists to share their expertise, best practices, and innovative solutions, contributing to the continuous improvement of patient care and outcomes in nuclear medicine. Additionally, the award serves to elevate the professional status and visibility of technologists within the broader nuclear medicine community, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition for their important work.

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If you are a company, a non-for-profit organisation or an individual donor interested in supporting the EANM grant schemes described above, or if you would like to establish a tailor-made grant or award, please contact the EANM Executive Director at