Healthcare systems

Healthcare system readiness is a crucial topic for the EANM as it directly impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of nuclear medicine services across Europe.

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Healthcare systems

A well-prepared and responsive healthcare system ensures timely access to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures. This requires the necessary infrastructure, trained personnel, and regulatory frameworks to support the safe and effective use of radiopharmaceuticals.

The EANM has been progressively working on this topic, recognising that the integration of nuclear medicine into broader healthcare strategies is essential for addressing current and future healthcare challenges. By advocating for robust healthcare system readiness, the EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council (PRAC) aims to enhance patient outcomes, support healthcare professionals, and foster innovation in the field of nuclear medicine.

Through continuous engagement with policymakers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders, the PRAC is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare systems are equipped to meet the growing demands and opportunities presented by nuclear medicine.