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Check out the fully redesigned and updated version of our Nuclear Medicine Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool!

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EANM Nuclear Medicine Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool

Towards optimal patient care thanks to the EANM CDS tool

Developed and reviewed by top EANM experts and based on the latest research and guidelines, our EANM Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software aims to help referring nuclear medicine physicians identify the most suitable nuclear medicine tests for their patients more quickly.

With this software, the EANM provides an easy-to-use tool to support professionals in their daily clinical work. This user-friendly app efficiently guides specialists from the relevant clinical setting to the appropriate nuclear medicine examination, aiding in making the right referral decisions.

Comprehensive, efficient, and concise, this app is designed to facilitate earlier diagnosis and, consequently, earlier treatment, leading to improved patient care. After all, that is what we are all here for!

Access to the NucMed CDS tool – free & easy, online & offline

Wherever you are, our CDS tool is available both offline and online on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, keeping you flexible whenever and wherever your patients need you.

Conveniently access the browser-based version from your office desk with your computer or laptop.

Free access

Download it now!

Practical and easy-to-use, our app is readily available even without a Wi-Fi connection once downloaded. Ensure you have all the knowledge you need in your pocket, anytime and anywhere.

Download the app to your Android or iOS device directly from the App Stores – for free!


Last updated in June 2024