Discover our ‘Initiatives in Nuclear Medicine to Support Professional Interest and Recruitment in Europe (INSPIRE)’ programme.

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Discover INSPIRE by EANM

Join us in securing the future of the nuclear medicine workforce!

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Healthcare workforce crisis in Europe:

Europe is experiencing a healthcare workforce crisis, jeopardising the future of patient care. High-quality cancer care, emphasised in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, relies on a robust workforce. However, most healthcare occupations are currently in short supply, a situation worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the case of nuclear medicine, 21% of the nuclear medicine workforce is expected to reach retirement within 5 years. Addressing this shortage is crucial to ensure patients have access to life-prolonging treatments. To make this happen, the EANM strongly believes in investing in our future: the upcoming generation of nuclear medicine professionals.

Introduction to INSPIRE by EANM:

To tackle this challenge, the EANM has developed a comprehensive approach through the ‘Initiatives in Nuclear Medicine to Support Professional Interest and Recruitment in Europe (INSPIRE)’.

Programme overview:

INSPIRE by EANM aims to create an integrated framework of activities targeted at students, schools, universities, and other stakeholders to attract talent to nuclear medicine across Europe, thus securing the future of patient care.

Main objectives:

• Improving recruitment by raising awareness
• Providing experiences and incentives
• Supporting innovation to enhance career appeal

Programme outline:

INSPIRE by EANM focuses on three pillars to boost workforce recruitment in nuclear medicine. Each stage will be implemented sequentially to maximise outreach.

Engagement & Outreach Education & Experience Innovation & Sustainability

The first pillar aims to quickly engage Generation Z, who are entering the workforce. Social media and collaboration with student associations and patient organisations will showcase careers in nuclear medicine and promote the INSPIRE programme.

The second stage involves intermediate complexity activities that build on initial engagement. It includes in-person initiatives to provide hands-on experience in nuclear medicine at the (under)graduate level, offering real-world insights and practical exposure to the field.

The final stage focuses on advanced, long-term objectives to enhance the appeal of nuclear medicine.


Funding use:

The funding received for this project will be used to:
• Support experts involved in the programme
• Facilitate contacts with EANM National Member Societies for effective student outreach
• Finance grant schemes for EANM National Societies to support outlined activities
• Organise events for students and the programme’s target audience for networking
• Subcontract parts of the planned activities that EANM cannot manage directly

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