The Councils are permanent units that tackle gaps and overarching strategic aspects.

EANM Councils

Councils are permanent internal groups created to advise the Board on operational and overarching aspects. They also coordinate and supervise their implementation in accordance with the EANM’s vision and mission, aiming at guaranteeing and constantly improving the quality of all EANM activities and deliverables in a streamlined manner.

EANM Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides advice and feedback about the EANM’s current strategy and structure, facilitating the bi-directional flow of information between the Board, the internal groups and the other EANM bodies. It is composed of the Board and the Chairs of the EANM Committees and Councils.


President 2023-2024: Rudi Dierckx
President Elect 2023-2024: Paola A. Erba
Internal Groups Officer 2023-2024: Felix Mottaghy
Secretary/Treasurer 2024-2025: Alexis Vrachimis
Scientific Liaison Officer 2023-2024: Michel Koole
Education Chair 2023-2025: Sona Balogova
Congress Chair 2023-2025: Valentina Garibotto

EANM Committee & Council Chairs

Ethics Council: Wolfram Knapp
Guidelines & Publications Council: Wolfgang Wadsak
Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council: Wim Oyen
Young Professionals Council: Tim van den Wyngaert
Artificial Intelligence Committee: Margarita Kirienko
Bone & Joint Committee: Richard Graham
Cardiovascular Committee: Fabian Hyafil
Dosimetry Committee: Caroline Stokke
Inflammation & Infection Committee: Olivier Gheysens
Neuroimaging Committee: Donatienne Van Weehaeghe
Oncology & Theranostics Committee: Karolien Goffin
Paediatrics  Committee: Pietro Zucchetta
Physics Committee: Dimitris Visvikis
Radiation Protection Committee: Fabian Hyafil
Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee: Harry Hendrikse
Technologists Committee: Agata Pietrzak 
Thyroid Committee: Luca Giovanella
Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee: Tessa Buckle
EANM Ethics Council


The EANM aim to assist specialists in advancing healthcare and disseminating knowledge. To maintain the integrity of its actions and statements, the EANM prioritises independence and a transparent management of secondary interests. 

Therefore, the EANM has established the Ethics Council to provide ethical oversight over the organisation’s management. The EANM Ethics Council’s mission includes: 

  • Developing comprehensive guiding principles, rules of procedures, and standard operating procedures to make sure that the EANM manages secondary interests transparently and objectively. 
  • Ensuring that the nuclear medicine professionals holding offices or mandates within the EANM are free from any conflict of interest that could compromise their commitment to the organisation’s mission. 
  • Identifying and addressing potential conflict of interest relating to commercial entities or other interest groups that might influence decisions within the framework of EANM.

Council Members

Chair: Wolfram Knapp (Germany)
Emilio Bombardieri (Italy)
Valerie Lewington (United Kingdom)
Dragana Sobic-Saranovic (Serbia)
Sobhan Vinjamuri (United Kingdom)
EANM Guidelines & Publications Council (GPC)


The EANM Guidelines & Publications Procedures Council (GPC) is committed to enhancing the quality and impact of EANM publications within our community, with a specific focus on clinical guidelines, procedural/practice guidelines, and expert statements. The GPC aims to provide a structured and strategic approach to developing, standardising, and disseminating high-quality, evidence-based EANM documents.

The GPC aims to support clinicians, technologists, and other stakeholders in the field by offering clear, accessible, and decisive EANM guidelines that reflect the latest advancements and best practices. By fostering collaboration with clinical societies and experts, we ensure that all EANM publications meet rigorous standards of quality and relevance, ultimately improving patient care and professional practice.

The GPC’s objectives include:

Defining publication types and standards: Establishing clear definitions, scopes, and purposes for each type of EANM publication (ie. clinical guidelines, procedural guides, and expert statements/position papers). The GPC aims to set minimum quality requirements to ensure usability and standardisation across Europe.

Ensuring methodological rigor: Developing robust methodologies for consensus-building and decision-making to achieve high thresholds of agreement and reliability in our EANM guidelines.

Effective communication: Enhancing both external and internal communication strategies to raise awareness, promote engagement (including other clinical societies), and align with broader organisational strategies.

By fulfilling these objectives, the GPC is dedicated to driving excellence in guidelines and publications, thereby supporting the continuous improvement of practice standards and outcomes in our field.

Council Members

Chair: Wolfgang Wadsak (Austria)
Riemer H.J.A. Slart (Netherlands)
Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei (Netherlands)
Pierre-Yves Salaun (France)
Raquel Massa (United Kingdom)
Giorgio Treglia (Switzerland) 
Tereza Kracmerova (Czech Republic)
EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council (PRAC)


PRAC was established in January 2022 as a multidisciplinary advisory body that meets monthly to support and advise the Board.

The mission of the EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Council is to coordinate and implement EANM’s policy activities at the EU level, as defined in the EANM strategy. This is achieved through ongoing dialogue with EU policymakers, helping to fulfil the EANM’s overall mission.

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Council Members

Chair: Wim Oyen (Netherlands)
Marianne Patt (Germany)
Jolanta Kunikowska (Poland)
Clemens Decristoforo (Austria)
Oliver Kiss (Germany)
Bernhard Sattler (Germany)
Klaus Bacher (Belgium)
Francois Jamar (Belgium)
Michael Lassmann (Germany)
EANM Young Professionals Council (YPC)


At the EANM, we recognise the critical need to empower and involve the next generation of nuclear medicine professionals.

The Young Professionals Council (YPC):

  • Strategically advises the Board on how to engage and integrate young professionals into the fabric of our association, by proposing dedicated activities and programmes.
  • Inspires young professionals and empowers them to contribute to nuclear medicine with their expertise, innovation, and dedicated involvement within the EANM.
  • Ensures that EANM initiatives resonate with the aspirations and needs of our young professionals, providing them with visibility and opportunity for growth.
  • Closely aligns with other EANM bodies to ensure coherence in programmes and with the EANM Committees for scientific content.

Council Members

Chair: Tim van den Wyngaert (Belgium)
Gopinath Gnanasegaran (United Kingdom)
Margret Schottelius (Switzerland)
Conrad-Amadeus Voltin (Germany)
Ann-Christin Eder (Germany)